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About Us

What Is Matcha?

Matcha was first founded in China hundreds of years ago. At the time, China was a Buddhist based region, preventing the drinking of alcohol and boosting the demand for tea. Matcha powder is created by grinding green tea leaves down to a fine substance to be subsequently poured into hot water. By incorporating it into a granola bar, we provide our customers with a healthy and energized start to the day!

Our Plan

Our goal is to provide a healthier and more efficient approach to the average breakfast. By incorporating Matcha into a sweet, gluten free granola bar, we can lower your stress levels, increase your daily intake of antioxidants, and raise your metabolism. With all these benefits,  Matcha Bars also provide a much needed extra boost of energy!


We only partner with reliable businesses to help them - and help the community they serve - grow healthier. Contact for partnership to help the world become a healthier and more energized place!